Benefits of Onsite Mac Software Install for Your Homeschool Co-Op

Homeschool co-ops are becoming increasingly popular. Many have grown from a few homeschool educators meeting at a home, to the same educators having a meeting house equipped for different grade levels. When your co-op makes this sort of upgrade, then you will need updated software for your education system. One option to consider for homeschool academics, apps, and academic resources is based on Mac iOS software. Before you attempt to install this software yourself, consider the benefits of using an onsite Mac software installation from a contractor. 

Full Installation

When you are handling an installation on your own, you may be handling the software installs to one device at a time. When you get an onsite software installation, you have the benefit of a contractor that understands the full installation process. This means they can connect the main computers to the other systems in the co-op building. This helps the full installation to move faster and gets you set up in a shorter amount of time. You can also gain the benefit of having full installations done quickly so if there are any issues, you can narrow down the issues and get them sorted out with that software issue or with the hardware it is attempting to interact with. 

System Passwords

You will need login and password information for each student, at least one homeschool educator for that student, and for each device the student uses. This can stack up quickly and can become a bit overwhelming depending on how many students you have enrolled with the co-op. When you have an onsite software installation contractor handle the job, they can install all of the logins and passwords into the main computer and out to the other devices. This can ensure that tablets, laptops, and hardwired computers or other hardware are ready to go and working on the system. 

Software Updates

When you handle your own installation of the software, you will likely face an issue with system updates. This issue means that you will need to not only install the software but also update it to the most current version. Keep in mind, this is not a step that can be skipped. For example, your entire homeschool group may operate using a virtual based planner as well as certain apps that are required for attendance and other legal homeschool documentation. If the update is not performed properly, then the apps or other portions of the system may not work. Your contractor can do an onsite installation to ensure the software is updated and that it remains updated on an automatic routine. 

These are just a few of the benefits that you can gain from using an onsite software installation contractor for your homeschool co-op. Keep in mind, a consultation discussing your needs and the needs of the co-op is ideal. This will help you and the contractor understand the end goal and what software installation may be best for your needs.