Handy Tips for Making the Most of Your New Integrity Access Control System

When looking to elevate the security of your commercial property, you may want to consider investing in an integrity access control system. There is an array of advantages that these types of security systems offer. First off, with access control, not only do you limit the people who can get into your commercial property but you can also regulate the individuals that have authorised access to sensitive areas of your business.

Secondly, with an access control system, you eliminate the need for physical keys, which mintages the risk of keys getting stolen and unauthorised intruders breaching the security of your property. Nonetheless, improving the security of your commercial premises involves more than just installing an integrity access control system. Instead, you need to know how best to make use of it. To help you with that, check out the following handy tips for making the most of your new integrity access control system.

Institute automated restrictions

Simply because access control systems come with key cards for your employees to utilise does not mean that the security of your commercial property will be safeguarded. What some business owners do not keep in mind is the fact that the security of their building is heavily reliant on the people that will have access to the key cards.

Therefore, you must be constantly updating the individuals that will have authorised access to this system. The best way of doing so is by having the security company institute automated restrictions into this system. As an example, you can have the access control system that is connected to the database store the information of current employees. Thus, when you let go of an employee, the access control system will automatically reject their key card.

Establish a hierarchy of access

If you have a large business, you probably have multiple departments that all work towards the success of the company. However, when it comes to accessing these various departments, the only person that should be authorised to do so is you as the owner of the company. Some business owners are not cognizant of this fact, and this is what allows some employees to steal data and sell it, to the detriment of your operations. If you want to bolster the security of your commercial property, you must establish a hierarchy of access.

For instance, all employees could have access to common spaces such as the cafeteria, meeting rooms, washrooms and so on. Nevertheless, employees that work in the HR department, as an example, should not have access to the IT department and vice versa. Not only will this help in mitigating security breaches, but the access control system will also record the key cards used to access restricted areas so you can easily track down any suspicious activity.